Why Oregano?

As the development of Space Adventure progresses, the development team and I (really more of a personal selfish act) have christened the first official release of Space Adventure to the public as Oregano 1.0. Oregano 1.0, will finally showcase the hard work we’ve managed to put into Space Adventure: it illustrates our growth as an independent gaming studio and more importantly allows you, the public, to view a snippet of all our hard work

So you might be wondering why this peculiar spice, christened the first playable version of our game. Why not paprika, or kittens, or maybe even Space Adventure V. Puppies 1.0? Well, the answer is simple, really. As the days passed by while the team worked hard on the pre-development phase of Space Adventure (the phase were all documentation for the game was generate.) I found myself one Sunday morning finishing up the game’s schedule and eating some menudo (a Mexican soup filled with meat pieces and hominy). As I was closing up that morning’s work I drastically needed a name for the first version of Space Adventure (really a keyword to use the ctrl+f function of Microsoft Word more efficiently). So I looked at my then empty plate to admire nothing more than the small soaked green flakes left in residue in front of me. There I thought and wrote “Oregano”.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, inspiration in the form of food!!!

-Gabriel follow me @adventureco2


Happy 2014

Hello (fans, friends, and family),

After an obligatory hiatus, the Prototype Studios’ staff is finally back and working (harder than ever mind you). 2013 is behind us and 2014 brings forward an exciting year to develop our glorious baby: Space Adventure. Quite has changed, along with staff members departing and joining, but ultimately our goal stands: to make memories not videogames.

Along with its chilly afternoons, 2014 has given us an opportunity to reevaluate the development of Space Adventure, and as a team has given us the opportunity to make a few changes to generate a release (sometime late this year). The biggest changes involve adding a producer to our team, expanding our design team, and generating different documents that have helped us structure the engine, content and progress of Space Adventure.

In addition, 2014 also has led us to evolve our existing development framework from Java using Slick2D, to Java using LibGDX (http://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/). This change became appropriate the moment we learned about the capabilities of LibGDX. I mean seriously: it lets you develop Android and Desktop games at the same time, what more could you want.

Ok, so now that you’ve made it this far you’re probably asking yourself “So when’s this game coming out”. The truth is that we’re taking it one step at a time. We hope that a playable version (Version Oregano 1.0) will be ready for debugging mid this March, and we’re doing everything in our power to meet this goal.

Thank you very much,

Prototype Studios – Support Indie Gaming

Space Adventure Sneak Peek


Hello to all our fans I want to let you know that the staff crew of Space Adventure has been working thoroughly hard. We have made major improvements in the game and we are about to finalize the Demo. This is a very exciting time for the Prototype staff and for you gamers. Expect the Demo very soon, I mean who doesn’t like video games for Christmas right? In the mean while we release the Demo,check this awesome Space Adventure Sneak Preview done by our own Zoe Alchemist and music by Alexandro Higareda. Enjoy!

Space Adventure Update: Very Good Things

  • Completed Unit 57005 in game design – The work here is phenomenal, it feels as though the character fits perfectly into the game as a character design and as a boss. 
  • Completed Captain Brainigan in game design – The most arrogant and beatiful man you will meet in a pixelated adventure
  • Completed Space Adventure Promo Poster – pictures speak louder than words: A huge round of applause for both Emilio and Raul. Image
  • Completed Space Adventure Logo – Please look above 🙂 
  • Preliminary Development of the Space Adventure Engine – A newly formed development team has been assembled, they motherfucking avengers of code. 
  • Preliminary Development of the Space Adventure Trailer
  • PrototypeStudios.net (in major development)
  • 300 views on our wordpress. 
  • 120 web visits (www.prototypestudios.net). 
  • Test Level Background Design (in progress) 
  • Basic Animations (in progress)

Space Adventure Updates


  • Added a massive weapon system. 
  • Added a massive item system. 
  • Added a massive defense unit system. 
  • An emphasis on a defensive system .
  • Story progression affected by user decision.
  • An interesting guilt system (more on this later)
  • An RPG like customizable atribute system. 
  • An online PvP multplayer system ( more on this later)

Very good design decisions 🙂