Why Oregano?

As the development of Space Adventure progresses, the development team and I (really more of a personal selfish act) have christened the first official release of Space Adventure to the public as Oregano 1.0. Oregano 1.0, will finally showcase the hard work we’ve managed to put into Space Adventure: it illustrates our growth as an independent gaming studio and more importantly allows you, the public, to view a snippet of all our hard work

So you might be wondering why this peculiar spice, christened the first playable version of our game. Why not paprika, or kittens, or maybe even Space Adventure V. Puppies 1.0? Well, the answer is simple, really. As the days passed by while the team worked hard on the pre-development phase of Space Adventure (the phase were all documentation for the game was generate.) I found myself one Sunday morning finishing up the game’s schedule and eating some menudo (a Mexican soup filled with meat pieces and hominy). As I was closing up that morning’s work I drastically needed a name for the first version of Space Adventure (really a keyword to use the ctrl+f function of Microsoft Word more efficiently). So I looked at my then empty plate to admire nothing more than the small soaked green flakes left in residue in front of me. There I thought and wrote “Oregano”.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, inspiration in the form of food!!!

-Gabriel follow me @adventureco2