Why I’ve been watching Bob’s Burgers

Let me just say something about this series: It’s fucking phenomenal! The character development is easy to relate to, as you observe a protagonist (Bob Belcher) who lives his dream regardless of the inconveniences that life has thrown his way. As his children ridicule him and shatter his dreams this overweight middle-aged father of 3, portrays the mirror image of an indie game developer, and teaches us (the indie developers) to never give up on your dreams.


The sole moment that depicts this independent feeling of achieving personal goals and dreams comes from episode: “Moody Foodie”. As Bob’s career begins to spiral, he is succumbed in a dream where his life of risk, semi-poverty, and entrepreneurship turn into a mild-mannered, blue-collared life. In it’s own hilarity, this eats him alive and terrifies him, as it should all of us. To give this live up of creativity, passion, and love for security is an outrage. To turn into pencil pushers and programmers should never be enough. We are the few chosen who decided to accomplish our dreams and make them reality.

So if you haven’t check out Bob’s Burgers, go for it now, and remember that even when life seems it’s darkest you can always and should always love what you do, and do what you love.