So you’ve heard of butler’s right? In the so case that you haven’t though a butler is classy like no other person with manners that could only be obtained in Great Britain and they posses the loyalty of a Golden Labrador. Now picture that classy butler turned into a discreet and classy robot with a monocle and discipline to learn anything. You’ve played him for a fool for the last time, now this robot that used to be your servant is infuriated and has a thirst for your blood and what better way to do it than with utter most discretion and class like a professional hit man.A robot that can kill you at any moment and he can do so with etiquette an with no form of sympathy or mercy.That is Sniper James a robot with class who has the ability to wipe out 100 men in one night. Be weary, Sniper James is always watching you with his sharp monocle and he’s out to get you won’t know when or how but he will get his revenge.


Space Adventure Sneak Peek


Hello to all our fans I want to let you know that the staff crew of Space Adventure has been working thoroughly hard. We have made major improvements in the game and we are about to finalize the Demo. This is a very exciting time for the Prototype staff and for you gamers. Expect the Demo very soon, I mean who doesn’t like video games for Christmas right? In the mean while we release the Demo,check this awesome Space Adventure Sneak Preview done by our own Zoe Alchemist and music by Alexandro Higareda. Enjoy!

Space Adventure Website Sneak Preview

Hello everyone here is a sneak peek of the Space Adventure Website, design by our Web Master Roy Portillo, it’s not complete yet , but it should be up and running very soon. The Website will be composed of Space Adventure Art, updates on the game , our soon to come trailer and of course the Demo for the casual gamer to enjoy and download!!! Here is our Website Sneak Peak feel free to comment.



Demo Title Screen

Today the Title screen is done, I want to thank Jessica and Raul for making the Title of Space Adventure and  Zoe for making that killer animation that makes the Title Screen look well… like Space Adventure.It would also not be complete without Alex’s Musical talent that brings the game to life.Our Game Engine team also did a great job on the mechanics. Last but not least our Web Designer did a good job on the on draft for the Web Layout. Be expecting the Website very soon where you can have keep up with our progress even further. Also expect the Demo early November.


Space Adventure Demo

Hello guys its been a while but hey we’re back and this time its with the new and improved  Space Adventure Demo. In these past months we have decided to re-innovate the look of Space Adventure and go with something a little more modern. The engine is almost finalized we just got to add a couple more functionalities and it will be set for the demo. We are also starting our own Space Adventure official web page coming mid October. The Demo should be out early November ,but in the mean while enjoy this art made by our wonderful artist.



Space Adventure Updates 8.27.2013

Today is a very important date for the Co2 team. We’ve finally developed a groundbreaking schedule regarding the Space Adventure demo, and have set a very important secret date for it’s release. 

We’ve adapted new tools for spritesheet generation, and have finally finished all animation frames for Co2. Get ready to see big changes!!!

Animation updates for 8.27.2013

  • Captain Brainigan has been re-imagined, and now matches the Space Adventure style much better. 
  • All animation work for Co2 has been established, all that is left is to create a very detailed spritesheet (the engine team might have some work on it’s hands). 

Engine Development Updates for 8.27.2013

  • Began the perfection of co2’s double jump. 
  • Began implementing the engine’s capability to handle plugged in USB controllers. 

-Remember support Indie Gaming, and thank you very much!!!


Updates 8.26.2013

At this point most of the Prototype Studios’ staff (if not all of it) is back in school. Bummer, but regardless our progress is hard and steady, and we are happy to announce that dates have been set to release the first Space Adventure Level as a playable demo. So you the fans can help mold the game. While a definite date is yet with the engine and character development progress we’ve done over the last few weeks, it is almost certain that the said demo will be available for download no later than 4 months. Thanks to everyone who has supported us, and always remember keep Indie Gaming alive. 

Story Development Updates

  • All ammunition elementals have been set. 
  • The prologue, new game cut-scene has been outlined and produced. 

Character Design

  • Weapon design has been implement, take-a-look: 


Engine Development updates

  • Perfected Co2’s jumping mechanic. 
  • Improved the current built of the game, now runs super smooth. 
  • Added a double jump feature to Co2’s current jump mechanic. 

PS: Goodluck to the UTEP team trying to develop an independent IOS game, very cool!!! 🙂