Week #2 of development

This week has got to be one of the most productive weeks for Prototype Studios and Space Adventure. While a part of our staff has began classes, we continue to strive for progress as character and engine development continues to grow. It’s quite beautiful how passion can drive even the most busy person. So give it up for Prototype Studios and all other independent video game companies out there that continue following their dreams. Congrats!!!!

So now for some very awaited progress and of course beautiful beautiful screenshots. 

This week we were able to complete  almost all characters for World 1 of the Space Adventure platforming adventure. With that in mind I present to you Count Robotcula (the vampire robot master of World 1): 


What a chocolaty feeling right? The character design here emerged from the chocolaty flavors of the Count Chocula cereal. So as you can imagine his castle and domain intertwines the player in a post-apocalyptic renaissance robot-land. 


To expand the platforming aspects of Space Adventure, our design staff decided that it be apt to include mini-bosses on top of all bosses in every world. With this idea Siccoro (the character depicted above) was elaborated: 

“Born a poor country robot he lived a life of poverty, barely having access to any beer. One day the count passed through his village and they both met. The Count was able to see the potential in him and offered him a job as one of his solders.  He quickly mastered the way of combat and became a knight who pledged loyalty to the Count. He helped the count win many battles and after his age started to make combat difficulty the Count suggested he retire and become his personal butcher. He accepted and now lives at the castle with the Count. Although his time as a fighter has passed he has not forgotten his knightly vow to always protect the Count, even if it costs him his life.” 



Aside from all character design our engine team was able to begin working on Oregano (the first working version of our game) along with working out a release date for the version. 

So let us know what you think and what aspects of the game you like/don’t like. If you haven’t followed us go to twitter and follow us @adventureco2 or if you’re an avid Facebook user give us a like at https://www.facebook.com/prototypestudios18. Thank you guys very much for the support and have a great day!!!


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