Level 0-1

Hello guys,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The Super Bowl is finally behind us and once again the Patriots have disappointed our producer (Gabriel), poor bastard 2 years in a row in the same round they’ve been cut from the Super Bowl.Congratulations Seahawks, for a wonderful performance over the Broncos offence (suck it Broncos :)).

As we move into the second week of development using our new model, it appears that week one has been the most productive week for the development of Space Adventure and the work of the Prototype Studios Staff. As I write our artists, designers, and programmers are hard at work designing new characters, worlds, and developing quite the powerful engine. Additionally, thanks to production and marketing we’ve seen quite the incline on both Facebook likes and Twitter followers (so if you haven’t gotten on the Prototype Studios boat get on it and give us a like facebook.com/prototypestudios or follow us @prototypeco2).  Apparently developing off a schedule and various design documents was the best thing we could do for our company. So expect a lot in the following weeks, we’ll be kicking ass to give you a mind-blowing release.


This week we we’re able to accomplish the following goals:

  • World 1’s boss and mini-boss have been design and have moved over to animation production.
  • World 1 level 1 is finally designed.
  • Our landing page is at mid production, all that is left is about 50% content. So be ready to bookmark, or even better put us as your homepage, or even better put as a gag homepage for your friends (instead of that meat spin thing we’ve all been victims of)
  • The Development team has finally began porting our engine using the libGDX framework. While the time spent here will be extensive, the choice, in the end we feel will be worth it.
    • Co2 is finally on the screen, and his movement is ready to be tested!!
  • We are hard at work to begin publishing Video Journals via YouTube. A very interesting and neat thing, so please keep an eye out.
  • Music for Level 1-1 is now online (https://soundcloud.com/prototypestudios-1/world-1-1-sound-track-sneak)

Screen Shots



-Prototype Studios follow us @adventureco2


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