So you’ve heard of butler’s right? In the so case that you haven’t though a butler is classy like no other person with manners that could only be obtained in Great Britain and they posses the loyalty of a Golden Labrador. Now picture that classy butler turned into a discreet and classy robot with a monocle and discipline to learn anything. You’ve played him for a fool for the last time, now this robot that used to be your servant is infuriated and has a thirst for your blood and what better way to do it than with utter most discretion and class like a professional hit man.A robot that can kill you at any moment and he can do so with etiquette an with no form of sympathy or mercy.That is Sniper James a robot with class who has the ability to wipe out 100 men in one night. Be weary, Sniper James is always watching you with his sharp monocle and he’s out to get you won’t know when or how but he will get his revenge.


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