Space Adventure Updates 8.27.2013

Today is a very important date for the Co2 team. We’ve finally developed a groundbreaking schedule regarding the Space Adventure demo, and have set a very important secret date for it’s release. 

We’ve adapted new tools for spritesheet generation, and have finally finished all animation frames for Co2. Get ready to see big changes!!!

Animation updates for 8.27.2013

  • Captain Brainigan has been re-imagined, and now matches the Space Adventure style much better. 
  • All animation work for Co2 has been established, all that is left is to create a very detailed spritesheet (the engine team might have some work on it’s hands). 

Engine Development Updates for 8.27.2013

  • Began the perfection of co2’s double jump. 
  • Began implementing the engine’s capability to handle plugged in USB controllers. 

-Remember support Indie Gaming, and thank you very much!!!



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