Updates 8.26.2013

At this point most of the Prototype Studios’ staff (if not all of it) is back in school. Bummer, but regardless our progress is hard and steady, and we are happy to announce that dates have been set to release the first Space Adventure Level as a playable demo. So you the fans can help mold the game. While a definite date is yet with the engine and character development progress we’ve done over the last few weeks, it is almost certain that the said demo will be available for download no later than 4 months. Thanks to everyone who has supported us, and always remember keep Indie Gaming alive. 

Story Development Updates

  • All ammunition elementals have been set. 
  • The prologue, new game cut-scene has been outlined and produced. 

Character Design

  • Weapon design has been implement, take-a-look: 


Engine Development updates

  • Perfected Co2’s jumping mechanic. 
  • Improved the current built of the game, now runs super smooth. 
  • Added a double jump feature to Co2’s current jump mechanic. 

PS: Goodluck to the UTEP team trying to develop an independent IOS game, very cool!!! 🙂 



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