Space Adventure Updates 8.21.2013

Finally fixed the bug we talked about yesterday (the state bug that kept forcing the engine to crash every time we started a new game). Took almost the whole morning, but Hector and I (mostly Hector) cleaned it right up.Turns out that we just weren’t initializing elements where we were supposed to, in addition I set Co2’s collision rectangles to be the size of our game screen.

Engine Development updates on August 22, 2013

  • Fixed game state bug that forced the engine to crash every time we started a new game. 
  • Implemented the game’s pause menu, and added functionality to it. You are now allowed to save and exit from the pause menu, and are also allowed to resume existing games. 
  • Added and perfected an auto saving function to the existing engine. 
  • Added and perfect a loading functionality that allows the user to load from one (for now) existing save file. 
  • Added both permanent and temporary world objects to the game. Permanent objects include platforms amongt other things, and temporary objects consist of interactive/breakable doors. 
  • Re-implemented and bettered co2’s existing jumping functionality. It runs much smoother now and his jump height has decreased making it feel much more comfortable. 

Thank you all for reading, and remember keep indie gaming alive!!!



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