Space Adventure Updates 8.21.2013

A very frustrating day as we couldn’t get rid of a bug that prevents our engine from rendering Co2 unto screen. Will continue working on the extermination of this bug tonight, and hopefully tomorrow we can see the fruits of the newest improvements to the existing engine. 

On the good side, Zo managed to fit Co2’s animation into 80 X 75 frames. Very interesting and good looking sprites the man is creating!!!

Animation, Character design and level Design updates as of August 21, 2013

  • Finalized minor details of the animation sprite sheets to be used in-game. 

Engine Development as of August 21, 2013: 

  • Improved the existing combat system to support infinite ammunition and weaponry. Very large expansions will be added at a later, but for now the engine is pre-equipped with 3 main weapons and 5 different elemental ammunition. 
  • Worked on solving a bug located in the engine’s loading system. For now we can load fairly well, regardless of the fact that nothing is rendered unto screen. Will continue working towards a fix for this. 
  • Began the re-implementation of our world loading system. Will prove to be much more efficient in comparison to our old loading system. Will also be much more resource friendly!!!

Thank you all for reading, and remember keep indie gaming alive!!!



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