A new look for Space Adventure (including various engine updates and modifications)

As summer comes to an end, we are happy to inform you (“the user”) about various changes regarding Space Adventure. For one, we have completely changed the visual aspect of Space Adventure. Ditching our prior pix-elated artwork has proven to be much more productive within our artistic department. We hope you all enjoy the new look, and continue supporting our brain child: Space Adventure. 


Team Updates as of August 18, 2013: 

  • The team has started using TeamBox (a very interesting team/project management tool, check it out at http://www.teambox.com). 

Animation, Character design and level Design updates as of August 18, 2013

  • Space Adventure’s style has change drastically, for the better of course!!!
  • The new Co2’s walking and shooting animation has been created and tested by our existing engine. 
  • Level 1’s draft has been approved and we have finally moved to it’s implementation: 
  • Level 1’s layers are being worked out (to generate the game’s parallax effect). 
  • Level 1’s tile set is being generated to facilitate the level’s generation. 

Story and Cut-scene Development updates as of August 18, 2013: 

  • New Game’s opening scene is mid-production at this point. Following it’s completion we will begin the implementation of the opening cut-scene for the start of a new game!!!

Engine Development as of August 18, 2013: 

  • Added an extra state to our main menu, utilized mainly to test the engine’s loading functionality. 
  • Re implemented and improved the engine’s cut-scene functionality. Able to handle full blown animations, audio, text ,and still pictures. A very nice screen fade adds to the beauty of transitioning from screen to screen, during cut-scenes. 
  • Fixed a starting camera bug, that forced the player to start the game mid-air. 
  • Improved the player’s jumping mechanic.
  • Extracted the screen fade mentioned earlier to its own class. Improving many aspects of the game’s implementation. 
  • Improved the overall engine’s feel. Our FPS is much higher now!!! Very good news!!!

Thank you all for reading, and remember keep indie gaming alive!!!



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