Updates 8/6/2013

Firstly it has been a joyous summer working alongside some of the most hardworking and creative team members I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. We are finally making large and fruitful strides towards Space Adventure’s engine, and hope to have something to show in the next month or so!!! Fingers Crossed!!!

  • As of yesterday we have managed to add enemies unto screen (although we have only tested one enemy on screen for now, this is quite the victory). 
  • Our engine now handles a very simplistic combat system between user’s and enemies. For now a final value is deducted everytime either attacks the other, but we hope to improve on this given our extensive weapon and armor types system. 
  • Our engine now handles the user’s damage mechanics.
  • Our engine now has a near perfected camera, and handles parallax scrolling greatly. 
  • The engine detects when the user dies, but fails to do what we want it to do for a death sequence for the user. The same goes for our checkpoint system. 

Keep in touch for more information ghigareda@miners.utep.edu. You can also like us on facebook or follow us on Twitter. 

PS. We would also love to welcome Lou Herman to the Prototype Studios team. He is now fully in charge of generating the game’s story board and developement. 




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