Space Adventure Updates 6.4.2013


  • Stage One Design is Finished!!!
  • Began Stage One’s Implementation!!!
  • Added the first of many enemies to the game: Three K.I.L.L. Units: Sniper, Artillery, and Infantry James Units Ready for Duty!!!
  • Designed and shipped of Space Adventure Pins.
  • Re-Designed the Prototype Studios and Space Adventure Website!
  • Designed and Implemented the first test level to test the Space Adventure existing engine


  • Prototype Co2’s control is officially perfect, and ready for use.
  • Our Engine finally handles the loading of background images and tile-like maps and worlds.
  • Our engine’s camera is ready to work, with only minor bugs left: we can call this one done!!!
  • Our engine’s collision detection is currently in development. We have captured basic collisions, but continue to experience tunneling :/ (if anyone could help us out, please feel free to contact us:
  • Our engine’s physics are officially perfect, and ready for use.

Thank you, everyone for your help. I hope you are as excited as we are for the game. 🙂 Have a good one!! Be back soon for more updates.


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