Interesting Facts About the Prototype Studios’ Staff (Part 1)


  • “You wouldn’t know it from his current appearance, but before he was the Producer of Prototype Studios, and a Software Engineering Student, Gabriel was well on his way to an amateur body-building career!!!
  • “Gabriel has undertook the training to participate in the Odessa Marathon this upcoming October 5th.”
  • “Funny thing is although I’ve always been able to get good grades in school, I dread the educational system. At one point in my high school years I contemplated dropping out and working as my father did (and does) but thanks to the support of my mother I am now one year away from obtaining a bachelors in Computer Science. I still find the institution of education ridiculous, and hope to have the opportunity to drop (or finish?) to establish Prototype Studios”


  • -“Before Marcus entered the Computer Science bachelors’ program at the University of Texas at El Paso, he was going for his degree in Mathematics, which is a subject he has always enjoyed and excelled in over all other subjects in grade school.”
  • -“Despite not knowing Spanish, Marcus attempted to test out of Spanish 1 and 2 in high school. When taking the test, he knew almost none of the answers, however, noticed patterns and tried to logically deduce the answers based on the patterns through out the test. Once, the written part was over, he simply left in embarrassment before taking the verbal test. If he would have simply spoken a small amount in the verbal part, he would have tested out of Spanish 1 and 2 as he correctly deduced most of the test and was only 2 points away from passing. He regrets leaving early to this day.”
  • -“Marcus considers himself a big grammar Nazi; perhaps even a grammar fuhrer?”
  • -“Marcus considers WarCraft III his favorite game for the replayability and tools that were given to the players for free to create their own games and perpetuate WarCraft III far after the developers stopped working on the game.”
  • -“Marcus can proficiently speak Pig Latin.”
  • -“Marcus’s favorite comic book characters are: Hank Pym for Marvel and Lex Luthor for DC.”


  • “Growing up, Roy’s first played game ever was ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for the Sega Genesis. Fortunately, his second game was Sonic The Hedgehog 2!”
  • “Playing Basketball through out his early years, Roy didn’t make the Basketball team in High School. Overhearing not making the team, the assistant Tennis Coach invited him on their team that same day. Roy hit a truck with a ball that day.”
  • “Roy had chosen being a Computer Science major almost on a whim. Debating which field would be best for developing video games he picked Computer Science with very little thought at the end of taking 2 years of basics. It worked out in the end.”


  • I love the Asian genre of horror, it is some of the scariest, unnerving shit and I love it 😀
  • I’ll be celebrating my 3 year anniversary on May 28th.
  • I remember the Series of Unfortunate Events books.

Alonzo ‘Zo’- 

  • He spent several semesters honing his recurve bow Archery skills for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse… Oooo! Fire arrows!!
  • * Being born on Halloween, its no wonder he is such a huge fan of creating costumes and Cosplaying any chance he gets. You can never be too old!
  • * Being born on the day when the veil between this world and the next is the thinnest, its no wonder he is such a weirdo with an insane obsession for all things Paranormal, Magick, Alchemy and Mysticsm… I’ve seen dead people… @~@!’
  • * Absolutely loves Symphonic Black Metal!!! So much that he basically had to swallow broken glass to achieve that awesome Growl Vocal Style.
  • * Self taught Guitar player (He’s not very good and not a grandpa’s guitar), “I… have a confessions to makes. I can’ts reads music, I haves music dyslex-kia. I.. dont wish to talk about it.”
  • * Has often been caught naturally sleeping in a crossed arm vampire corpse pose. After hearing this at work, now many children think he is a vampire. what?! No! not the sparkly kind!
  • * Has almost a complete set of steel plate armor, with matching sword and chainmail!, that he loves to where to the Renaissance Faires… just need that chest plate for the armor set bonus! Oooo! Turkey leg!! drool!*
  • * Can wiggle both ears and both eyebrows… absolutely necessary skills.
  • * Can laugh like Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy cartoon. …yup, gets me all the ladies!
  • * Has a strange obsession with: Eyes, feet, coconut, symmetry, anything really spicy, eggs, fire, avocados, shiny transparent things, beans, magnets, green chile, dragons, menudo, crows, peanut M&Ms, sour gummy anything, Taco Bell.
  • * Almost died of… hmm lets see…. EVERYTHING! in the Amazon Rainforest in South America… Fun! fun!! Ooh, a snake! – DEAD! Ooh, a cute animal – DEAD! Ooh, a weird tree – DEAD! I’m thirsty… -Dysentery! followed by…- DEAD!
  • * His heroes are Geralt of Rivia (Witcher), Dr. Strange, Gandalf


  • I have always had an interest in computer programming and computers in general since I was in 8th grade. I was always messing with people or helping them out with scripts that could make life easier or make me laugh because of the torment I would cause them. I actually am an author/software developer for the site and have released old scripts and even official programs that got approved by the site author to be distributed to the public. I did this in my early years of High School but haven’t since. 
  • I have always had a passion for music. Even when I was younger I always enjoyed all genres of music, from classical to jazz to rock, country, rap, etc. I was fortunate enough in High School to finally become immersed in music. I saved enough money for a guitar and my parents were nice enough to pay for half of the guitar cost along with a few music books. Since then I have been hooked and actually won first place in the EPISD classical guitarist competition when I was a Senior and many other schools competed. The piece I learned and performed was Cello Suite Prelude by Bach transcribed for the guitar. My performing didn’t stop there. I was doing small gigs for a christian group here in El Paso for about 2 years and even got to perform in Tuscon Arizona for a concert they were having. I have since been a solo artist but I record tracks periodically when I can. Music to me is the best therapy.
  • In the summer of 2012 I rode a 10 speed mountain bike from where I live, and I live in the northeast, all the way to the top of Scenic Drive, which is about 13 miles away, in about 2 and a half hours only because someone told me I didn’t have the ability to do so. I only took minor breaks to get water and once I got the top I realized how many damn hills I went up and I was also thankful that I evaded death 3 times on Dyer St alone since there is always a lot of traffic there. I thought getting to scenic drive was hard but going back to where I live proved to be harder and its safe to say my bike was pretty much about to fall apart once I got home. 
  • I have always felt that society will almost always view individuals who have high grades or have ever attended a higher level learning institution as more intelligent and higher than everyone else. Though society may feel that way,  I feel that grades and where you attend school don’t mean anything. I believe everyone has potential to do greatness and society shouldn’t be so quick to let a grade or where you attended school be a deciding factor in your success in life. You fail only when you stop trying. 

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