Prototype CO2 Poster Completed

I present you: the creation of Prototype Co2


In our last episode I put together a few concepts for the 48 pixel tall protagonist of Space Adventure. Usually the first model you put together is not the one chosen, so even though I was quite fond of the guy in the yellow cloak, I was ready to see him ignored.


. . . ehhaahhhrrgBUT GUESS WHO WAS CHOSEN!!!

My first attempt. My little ant-looking, yellow-cloaked, function-over-form looking buddy made the cut. Which means we can now move on to:


The poster began with research and a sketch. The pose is always the first problem to solve, if not the composition. I ended going with the tough-guy-walking-toward-camera, cloak-blowing-in-the-wind-pose. I implemented some texture layers: thick brush strokes, and the classic paper texture for good measure. Linear burn layer setting gave me some good cosmic clouds out of the paper texture; then distributing black, red, & blue and…

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