Some memorable moments I shared with my love for Videogames

  1. Fucking getting a blister in the middle of my hand from the Nintendo 64’s god-forsaken controller, when spinning Bowser’s bitch ass in Mario 64. Every fucking time, this would happen. 
  2. The first night I got my hands on Megaman X. Fucking christ!!! I rented the cartridge at a local rental store, needless to say I came back for that fucking game over and over and over again. 
  3. The times that the older kids of my parent’s friends would never let me play Ocarina of Time. Those assholes. I remember it well, I was 11 years old (perfect age for gaming) and there they sat: Riding on horseback, and whistling tunes through the Ocarina. Tricking me into doing meaningless chores for a few seconds of gameplay, but those seconds never came. lol
  4. Watching my younger brother kick my ass, over and over again at Pokemon puzzle league. Fuck that kid was and is still so good. We’d play for hours straight and he would kick my ass time and time again. I remember one time I made a betnwith him, where if he won, I’d buy him a warlock guitar (never bought him anything, the kid plays drums now)
  5. My father christening me with the name (Nintendo Boy). My dad has called and will call  all videogame systems “nintendos”. Even now I’ve heard him tell his buddies his kids develop nintendo games (man would the company be different if that were true (nintendo not Prototype Studios lol)). 

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