Space Adventure and Prototype Studios Development March

So where to begin… The Prototype Studios staff is happy to announce that we have expanded our studio with the additions of a few members. As of now the studio consists of 2 character artists, 1 graphic designer, 2 game developers, 1 web developer, and 4 interns (3 within the graphics and art dept. and 1 within the game development dept). 

So far the past month has led to the following interesting developments;

  • A rough version of our updated Game Engine is near completion. 
  • Prototype Co2 has been redesign to better fit the style of our game: Image
  • Our webpage has begun development: ( 
  • Prototype Studios’s has an official logo
  • A marketing plan for Space Adventure has been developed and begun.
  • The Space Adventure Overall Design is near completion
  • The Space Adventure story development has begun. 

For the next month we hope to bring some actual footage of a small test level, we are assembling. A lot of time and work is going into Space Adventure, and we hope it brings as much nostalgia as intended. Until next month: 


-Gabriel Higareda


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