10 Things I’ve learned from the development of Prototype Studios

10: There will always be someone who can do things better than you. There is no shame in that, there is shame however in being stubborn and not allowing them to work. 

9: Time management is the number one source of success. 

8; Large things come with time, but they never by themselves. You have to work towards them, build them, release them… and hope for the best. 

7: There is no such thing as fear, there is only reasons to procrastinate. 

6: No matter how crazy it might seem, just do it. it’s the craziest ideas that make it in the long run. 

5: There is never a wasted effort. (even if it’s a wrong effort, which most are). 

4: Design Documents are longer than expected. DETAILS I TELL YOU!!! 🙂 

3: Enjoy the little accomplishments. 

2: A good leader is never born, he is created by trial and error. 

1: When you love what you do, you never work one day in your life. 


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