A Motherfukcing New One (One leaf that is)

Hello guys, haven’t been on here for a while. Where to begin. The last few months have been a bit rough, but nothing the folks here at Prototype Studios can’t handle. We have opened our doors, and have expanded our development team, now we’re 6 motherfucking geniuses making sweet love to 16 bit pixelated graphics. It’s like you can’t stop this ish.

Now were was I… Oh yeah, big shit’s a’coming, and it’s a’coming hard (that’s what she said). We’ll be taking the market soon enough (October 17, 2013 Mark your calendars bitches) with the ever-lasting release of Space Adventure. I’ll be uploading our new and improved Press Release, and just to be clear our Kickstarter goes up very soon, so you bitches better support (just kidding every donation is greatly appreciated lol) so me and the boys can get back to work.


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