What plays on my SG3 (Most of the Day)

If you are a music nerd (God knows I am) here is a fun little list for you to get a new opinion on some bad ass albums you should definitely get your b**ch ass to buy.

Brother Von Doom- Relentless (If you want to feel like your ear hole is being repeatedly penetrated by perfect dual guitar attacks, and killer double bass: grab this title and put it where the sun don’t shine {in that obscure, disorganized play-list you call your phone}). 

Protest the Hero- Kezia or Fortress (10000 nps {notes per second} motherlover!!! Do you want to have your face peeled off from the sorry ass excuse you call a head? put this in your pipe and smoke it, better yet, purchase the album, put it in the sorry ass excuse of a phone you have and crank the volume to 11 (Spinal Tab)).

Coheed and Cambria – IV (Who the fuck said good music couldn’t include a Hagrid looking front man who sings like the goddess of war? Give me an ocean of soft vocals, with killer guitars and the occasional scream, and I’ll return the favour, if you know what i mean!!!)


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