The most dangerous thing I do

Google while driving – yup most people will text, or call while driving, I manage to somehow go through 30-45 minutes of continuous driving while googling the following topics: (topics from my last drive):

  1. Steve-O: I wondered what he did before Jack-ass. Turns out he flunked out of university and ended up in clown college.
  2. Hero Clix: Awesome strategy game I had never heard about. Found out about it at my first visit to a Comic Store this past Saturday, if you haven’t played, get your ass on the web and purchase some of these motherloving action figure pieces.
  3. Is Weed Legal in Washington: Very curious topic here, since I might soon depart to the North-West area of the United States. I thought it was appropriate to search the topic.
  4. Pope and Prostitutes: The world has to be a pretty dark place for me to have to google the words Pope and Prostitutes in the same sentence. 
  5. Who will they fire from the Office: As my current favorite tv show. It was only a matter of time before the google search came up. 

And there you have it, I’m a pretty stray cat!!! If you have any dangerous unusual things you partake in, post it a comment, or email me at The best story will somehow be included in our début release Co2, later this fall.


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