The Story Behind Prototype Studios pt.1

It was during this last semester at the University. As usual, Josh, Eddy, and I would walk down from his office, and outside of the main building to share in a smoke together. The simple chit chat would arise, usually comments regarding the matter of Computer Architecture constantly “f*****g” our minds, would float the air. The thinning cigarette smoke filled our lungs, as we laughed, joked, and discussed prior exams and labs. A simple cycle, filled with friends and good times.

As we rushed through our usual routine one Thursday afternoon before class. everything felt normal, I had no idea that in a single moment everything could change, no idea that every door could open…As I walked out of class, I delayed, stepped back and began conversing with our professor.

“The Professor”, began filling me with the idea of developing a small enterprise for the El Paso area. His idea was simple, yet lucrative, probably the best thing to happen to me. 

Soon after I began to work. It took me two weeks to implement and test a genuine Android application. It blew my mind!!! I had never worked with Android, and to add more the fire I had never programmed anything individually(other than simple programming puzzles, and assignments).




….TBA, keep indie gaming alive 🙂




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