Day 1

3, 2, 1… blast off.

Do you remember the days when games were actually “good”?
No on line bullshit, no loading, no 10 year old boys constantly plowing each of our mothers.
Space Adventure remembers.

Imagine relieving the obscure days in your parent’s home, manipulating heroes through the use of a 4 x 6 piece of gray
plastic.. Indulging in a hero’s adventure and dreading the discomfort of dying without a save button or checkpoint status.

With Space Adventure, you wake up 25 years ago, and relieve the experience of frustration brought by your favorite games. Forget the spoon feeding, forget the awards, and forget the online play, it’s just you, our hero, a storyline based on friendship, and an arsenal of enemies, is there anything better?

In Space Adventure, you step in the shoes of prototype CO-2. A defensive unit fathered by Dr. Kreate: a native of planet Nibiru.   You embark to defend the “homeland”, from Gorgoria, a rejected malfunctioning experiment Dr. Kreate left for dead.  It’s a battle for justice,  peace, and a personal conflict between a fallen soul, and the defender…

God Speed…support Indie Gaming


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